I am Loader!

Zina Katz

zina katz, enciclopedia, cite des arts paris

Residency in the Cité Internationale des arts, 2018

I saw many people in a street situation in Paris and lots of discarded mattresses. I photographed them.

I investigated old encyclopedias I found, discarded words that referred to what I saw, limited to the letters of each volume. I found: Class, Selection and Social.

For the definition words such as: «organized association», «interest», «rule», «high society», «the others», «their evolution», «companion» «merit», «rank», «category», «authority», «most important», «natural», «subordination», «choose by» ,»organized association», «interest», «rule», «high» society, «the others», «their evolution», «classes», «companion», continuously refering to the organization of science, education and militia. It seems words build society as we know .