I am Loader!

Zina Katz


A long journey by bicycle from Buenos Aires to La Plata.

Argentina’s power is concentrated in Buenos Aires City . I was invited by Roger Colom and Leonello Zambon to participate in a project about getting away from the center. They asked me to sew an awning for the trip. On our way we exchanged experiences and organized events altogether with artist we met.
The awning made by 22 artist from all around Argentina was used as a gathering space to meet and talk to people in our way.

Aaron Therry,  Adrian Paiva,  Ailin Fernández,  Alicia Esquivel,  Berta Teglio,  Daniel Juarez, Dolores Franza, Elena Dotta,  Fernanda Aquere, Florencia Stecconi, Gra Altieri; Ingrid Roddick, José Luis Tuñón, Julia Rossi, Laura Ferrando; Laura Mozzi, Lucila Amatista, María Elena Machuca, María Villanueva.